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Researchers correct cystic fibrosis using new CRISPR/Cas9 variant technique

Recently published research [1] provides new hope for a potential cure for the devastating cystic fibrosis disease. In the study, a research collaboration demonstrated how they corrected mutations that cause cystic fibrosis in cultured human stem cells using a CRISPR/Cas9 variant technique called prime editing to replace the ‘faulty’ piece of DNA with a healthy […]


Automation is key to saving lives

Personalized tumour treatments are expensive. This particularly applies to individual cancer therapies based on gene-modified T cells. Currently, they are produced manually or, at best, in a partially automated process. In a collaboration project “ProCell for Patient” two hospitals are currently working with Optima Pharma to develop an automated unit for the decentralized production of […]


COVID variants: We spoke to the experts designing a single vaccine to defeat them all

        By Lara Marks – Visiting Research Fellow, History of Biomedical Sciences, University of Cambridge and Ankur Mutreja – Group Leader, Global Health (Infectious Diseases), University of Cambridge ————————————– SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, has turned the world upside down. Experts have predicted that it will claim the lives of between […]


How will Delta evolve? Here’s what the theory tells us

  By Hamish McCallum Director, Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security, Griffith University   The COVID-19 pandemic is a dramatic demonstration of evolution in action. Evolutionary theory explains much of what has already happened, predicts what will happen in the future and suggests which management strategies are likely to be the most effective. For […]