Yosi Health - virtual waiting room

Yosi Health’s patient intake solution selected by Henry Schein Medical Systems to create virtual waiting room


Yosi Health - virtual waiting room

Yosi Health, a provider of digital patient scheduling, registration, payment, and communication cloud-based software solutions, has been selected by Henry Schein Medical Systems.

Henry Schein Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Henry Schein and developer of MicroMD, will integrate Yosi’s patient intake solution, Yosi Intake, with their practice management and electronic medical record software.

Contactless waiting room

Yosi Intake can create a contactless waiting room by enabling patients to register at home, helping to improve the patient experience and reduce administrative costs for the practice. The solution can help eliminate wait times and enhance the patient experience for small to large clinical practices.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forced healthcare practices to dramatically rethink the way they interact with patients,” said Hari Prasad, CEO of Yosi Health. “Yosi Health allows these practices to streamline the patient intake process, which gives patients the assurance and confidence they need to keep current with their regularly scheduled office visits.”


Serving more than 10,000 physicians in primary care, as well as all major medical and surgical specialties, MicroMD offers practices a portfolio of integrated medical software solutions, including electronic claims management, accounts receivable management, patient registration and scheduling, and reporting. In addition, the portfolio includes an intuitive electronic medical record system with streamlined encounter capture and multiple charting methods.

“Yosi Health provides an exceptional, end-to-end patient experience that shoulders most of the administrative and document management load for client facilities,” explained Kristen Heffernan, General Manager at MicroMD. “Together with Yosi Health, we are helping providers reimagine healthcare, leveraging integrated technology that changes the way practices keep their patients and staff safe and modernizes the care delivery experience.”