XEUS | X_ray Eye on User Station

XEUS is a software for the visualization, archiving, and exporting of medical images in DICOM format.

The XEUS program is for a wide range of users and professionals that meets all different needs in the best possible way and with high ease and security; The redesign of this program in the new version provides a different experience for the user so that working with the program, whether for remote access to images (remote) or when the images are stored locally on the user’s computer, is the same and similar.

It is also possible to customize all parts of the program so that the user can always get the best possible performance from his device according to his needs and according to the device he works on (Laptop, PC, Microsoft Surface,…).
The various dimensions of the screen sizes as well as the various resolutions (DPI) are all intelligently managed in the program.
This program with a simple and practical design, allows you to receive and browse images immediately. In a way, it normally takes less than 5 seconds to receive DICOM images of the study with 100 images.
This program has several features, If you are interested in XEUS and its features, click here