X-ray system allowing full-patient access

The first interventional X-ray system designed to capture the advantages of both floor- and ceiling- mounted systems, the Discovery IGS 730 incorporates laser-guided motion technology on a motorised mobile gantry for predictable and precise trajectories. Wide bore 3D facilitates 3D acquisitions. More than 20 advanced applications are available, including off-centred 3D acquisitions to cover anatomies such as the borders of the liver during liver oncology procedures or the skin line during imageguided needle procedures. Neither floornor ceiling-mounted, the system enables full patient access without the need to suspend it above the patient. It has the mobility of a C-arm with the power and image quality of a fixed system. The mobile gantry creates an interventional environment without boundaries. It allows complete access to the patient and unlimited parking capability, while creating sterility for a flexible and secure OR environment. The wide bore design allows for steep angles, especially for large patients. The C-arm is mounted on an Advanced Guided Vehicle (AGV), a motorised and fully mobile system. Based on laser guidance, the AGV can move freely from imaging position to parking or back-out positions, using predefined trajectories to provide total patient access. The motion is predictable, precise and easy to use, allowing fine control and positioning at any moment in the procedure. Parking locations and back-out distances are customisable for different room configurations.

Supplier: GE Healthcare Systems

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