X-ray quality control instrument

Featuring an internal detector, the Cobia Flex enables the connection of different probes and ion chambers, and has built in mAs. The measured values can be read directly from the large and clear display, and stored in the instrument for later reading. The Cobia Flex offers direct reading of mA (tube current) and mAs in a very easy and convienient way by simply plugging in the mAs cables from the instrument into the mAs socket of the X-ray generator. The Cobia Flex has no position dependence, it is simply placed under the beam to make sure the detector area is irradiated. Probes are plugged in as required and the instrument will register their presence. There is no need to reset between measurements, the operator can stay in the control room until all measurements are made. The practical log function makes it possible to read the measurements at any time. The internal detector allows the user to measure dose, dose rate, kV, HVL, TF and Time. Internal mAs is standard but can be deselected if not required. A selection of external probes make the instrument suitable for specific needs. Besides English, several languages such as Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish can easily be selected via the menu. Cobia Flex is calibrated by an accredited X-ray lab and comes with an automatic 2-year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased new, with the option of an extended warranty of up to 10 years.

Supplier: RTI Electronics AB

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