Wireless ultrasound scanner

High-quality images taken with the Viera wireless ultrasound scanner are comparable to mid-tier cart systems, and are easy to access. Images are transmitted directly to a smart device – with or without Internet access. They can be integrated seamlessly with existing PACS infrastructure or by the convenience of the Cloud. And with many preset imaging controls, including automated gain and frequency settings, Viera ultrasound is as easy to use as the camera on a smartphone. Viera ultrasound provides easy access to imaging throughout the facility, including preset modes for breast, dense breast, interventional, vascular and small parts applications. Viera handheld ultrasound is a wireless tool that leverages existing smart devices – no Internet access required when scanning. Viera ultrasound’s exceptional portability gives on-demand access to imaging. It offers an efficient way to perform guided interventional procedures, like biopsies, marker placements, and wire localizations. It also helps augment capabilities for facilities with limited imaging capacity. The Viera portable wireless ultrasound scanner is ideal for quick diagnostic looks, visual confirmations, interventional procedures, vascular access, and small parts exams and procedures. Easy access to these capabilities will help optimize clinical workflow and patient pathway. Features includes preset modes for breast, dense breast, and interventional procedures; customizable annotations package enabling efficient documentation; breast reporting package for quickly documenting services and ensuring accurate billing and audit. This portable ultrasound scanner is wireless, works with a mobile app and is compatible with most iOS and Android smart devices available today. And, unlike traditional systems, Viera ultrasound can be carried around for quick exams and guided procedures.

Supplier: HOLOGIC NV

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