Wireless detector

The new WiFi X-ray detector, the Pixium Portable 3543 EZ, satisfies all in-room examination needs and can be integrated into mobile equipment for immobilised patients. Intended for use with all X-ray systems, tables, vertical systems or mobile equipment, the detector is also the solution for transforming CR cassette systems into flat-panel systems. It provides for reduced examination times and significantly improved patient flow. The detector has all the features necessary to facilitate exam conditions: it is portable and lightweight yet robust, has a standard format (CR cassette), and is capable of operating for eight hours thanks to its removable battery. A room can be equipped with one or more detectors, and each detector can be shared, the infrared device allowing them to be used in several different rooms and to operate automatically with several different systems. With a caesium iodide scintillator, the detector provides the best image quality with the lowest dose possible.

Supplier: THALES Electron Devices

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