Wall gas-independent ventilator

This turbine ventilator will be used at hospitals in parts of the world that do not always have access to air from wall outlets. Throughout the entire development project Maquet worked together with physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists from the regions where the product was expected to be used, for example, India, South Africa, Japan and the USA, to ensure a great user experience. An addition to the SERVO line, the SERVO-air wall gas-independent ventilator can be used in the ICU as well as in intermediate care, for invasive and noninvasive ventilation. Built-in features like context-based guidance, on-screen information and dynamic images can guide the users in applying advanced ventilation every day. The turbine offers a high flow and pressure capacity, which is crucial to provide comfortable ventilation to sick and hard to ventilate lungs. At the same time, it is surprisingly quiet, which helps keeping noise levels down. Thanks to the battery powered turbine and hot-swappable batteries, SERVO-air is set to follow the patient easily throughout the hospital. SERVO-air is also a strong choice for the growing trend towards non-invasive ventilation (NIV), reducing the need for separate dedicated NIV ventilators.

Supplier: MAQUET Critical Care

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