Vivera secures UK patent for ZICOH smart inhaler device

Vivera, a science-driven biopharma and MedTech company, has been granted a device patent from the U.K. Intellectual Property Office (IPO) for it ZICOH smart inhaler device with automated dose delivery, measurement, and management.

ZICOH is a dose-controlled, electronic medication delivery system and connected digital health device designed as part of a closed-loop medication management system with the goal of more securely managing and monitoring prescription drugs. ZICOH’s features, like dose-controlled delivery, allow only the prescribed dosage type, amount, and frequency to be administered according to the healthcare provider’s orders. Additionally, fingerprint authentication ensures that the medication is dispensed to the person to whom it was prescribed. The device may specifically provide a solution for medications identified to have a low compliance rate or a higher propensity for abuse.

Paul Edalat, CEO, Chairman, and Founder of Vivera, expressed his enthusiasm for this milestone, stating: “The granting of this U.K. patent is a testament to our team’s ingenuity and hard work. We’re thrilled about the U.K.’s stamp of approval, as we believe ZICOH will globally revolutionize how patients manage their medication therapy while enhancing safety and promoting medication adherence.” Dr Mehdi Hatamian, Vivera’s Chief Scientific Advisor, added: “ZICOH showcases the power technology has to revolutionize healthcare. By integrating advanced sensors, biometric verification, wireless communication, and intelligent networking, we are creating a device that has the potential to ensure proper medication administration and enhance safety. We look forward to witnessing the life-changing impact this device will have on countless individuals.”

What sets it apart from other smart delivery devices?

ZICOH’s innovative security module sets it apart from other smart delivery devices on the market. The module receives user-specific prescription information, generates and stores a prescription reference file, and only dispenses the medication when the captured fingerprint matches the user’s dosing schedule and reference fingerprint. The medication cartridge serial number must also match the prescription cartridge serial number. These features ensure that only the intended user can access the prescribed substance, providing an added level of security.

To improve the user experience, ZICOH can be accessed by phone or web application and connect with external devices like smartphones, tablets, personal computers, servers, and storage systems. This enables a seamless data transfer and allows for the monitoring and storage of usage details, including the amount of substance used, cartridge identification, the number of doses given, and the timestamp for each dose. This integration also allows for seamless communication and a personalized approach to medication prescribing, dispensing, and reporting for the doctor, the pharmacy, and the patient.

Vivera’s innovative ZICOH smart device is a revolutionary step forward in prescription medication dispensing and inhalation technology. With the newly awarded U.K. patent, the Company is excited to bring this innovative solution to patients across the United Kingdom, improving medication adherence and providing greater control and safety in inhalation therapy.

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