Vital signs simulators

Designed for high portability, the light and easy to carry ProSim 3 and 2 vital signs simulators enable the conducting of preventive maintenance and repairs in the field. Intended for high acuity scenarios like ER calls, the Pro- Sim 3 with four IBP channels ensures multi-channel monitors are performing correctly. It is equipped with enough battery life for a full work day, stayconnected ECG posts for secure lead connections, upgraded DIN connectors for cable and ProSim compatibility, and field upgradability so it easily pairs with other devices for comprehensive testing. The ProSim 3 patient simulator has the perfect amount of features for field work. It tests ECG (ST segment, pace and arrhythmia included), respiration, invasive blood pressure, temperature, cardiac output, and fetal/maternal. The ProSim 2 patient simulator tests two parameters less: cardiac output and fetal/maternal, and has two fewer invasive blood pressure channels.

Supplier: Fluke Biomedical

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