Vital signs documentation system

Electronically capturing and transmiting patient data to the EMR, the Connex Electronic Vitals Documentation (EVD) System provides clinicians in non-critical care settings with immediate access to accurate vital signs at any time and location. The system includes the Connex Vital Signs Monitor (CVSM), Accessory Cable Management Stand, Connex VM Software, and the new Welch Allyn Partners in Care Services programme that provides personalised support and installation. The CVSM is a full-colour, touch screen device that acts as three devices in one, providing comprehensive patient documentation on a single display. This documentation includes automatic measurements such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and pulse oximetry; manual parameters such as respiration, height, weight and pain level; and modifiers such as body position, O2 therapy details and others. Alarms, patient data and monitoring can be controlled in a customised manner for each patient, and these data can be documented right on the device, eliminating the need to locate a PC and transcribe data later. The CVSM also enables two-way wireless communication from the bedside. It associates ID numbers to names to help clinicians properly identify patients and allows them to customise which ID fields are required and how they are displayed, including simultaneous display of multiple forms of ID. The wireless technology is built right into the system allowing the monitor to act as a true mobile device; it works with current wireless networks to deliver up-to-date patient demographics. The Accessory Cable Management Stand, with its unique accessory storage and cable routing system, is ergonomically designed for ease of use. All system components have their own compartment to allow quick identification and easy access. All supplies are on-board, and the stand is designed for ease of cleaning. The accompanying software automates the vitals documentation process eliminating errors. Users can document accurate patient data right from the bedside, and have instant access to data at any time or location.

Supplier: Welch Allyn Inc

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