Video integration platform for the operating room

Video integration can help medical staff who need to control and operate an overload of segregated systems and medical devices in today’s operating rooms. That’s why Barco developed Nexxis, a video integration sysstem that builds on the IP network to securely share uncompressed, high-resolution video and audio, from a variety of medical systems, in and between operating rooms. The new generation of uncompressed encoders and decoders makes the platform more connected, flexible and serviceable than before, and also more sustainable.
Nexxis allows for streaming of both HD and 4K signals without downscaling. It uses the best available colour reproduction methods like 4:4:4 chroma subsampling and automatic colour gamut selection (BT.709 or BT.2020) to detect the camera source and configure the display.
This can be done via smart plug and play of devices, with as few components (and hence fewer points of failure) as possible. What’s new is that it now also supports additional connectivity options, such as 4K endoscopes with HDMI 2.0. In addition, the Nexxis adapters are the only AV-over-IP devices on the market that support two dual-channel Full HD inputs. The new adapters are significantly smaller and lighter compared with their predecessors. They can be neatly stacked per three in a single 19” 1RU rack, via cleverly designed mounting brackets. This saves space and reduces cable clutter in technical rooms, as well as facilitating integration.  As with any device in the operating room, compliance with sterilization and safety standards is vital to ensure reliability and patient safety. That’s why every Nexxis component has been classified as a medical device CE/FDA (class II) and is fit for medical use.
In addition, the new highly compact encoders are a perfect fit for mobile applications. Moving trolleys through the operating room requires staff to turn off and turn on the power of the devices on the trolley. The new encoders help ensure a faster start-up.
Barco’s Design for the Environment program focuses on reducing the toxicity of products (RoHS and REACH compliance) and making systems more energy-efficient.
The new Nexxis hardware is 50% more energy-efficient than before. The environmental impact is smaller, thanks to the compact format, lowered heat dissipation and lower power consumption. In addition, Barco aims to further reduce shipping costs and waste by only shipping the power cables that are needed dependent on the region.

Supplier: Barco N.V.

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