Ventilator performance tester

Rigel has extended its range of test instrumentation for biomedical equipment with the introduction of a specialist ventilator tester. The Rigel VenTest 800 gas flow analyser is ideal for both benchtop and field service testing of all commonly available ventilators to verify that the ongoing accuracy and reliability of the equipment remains within the required performance standards. Precise sensor technology enables the VenTest 800 to accurately measure flow, pressure, temperature, and O2 concentrations bi-directionally and is compatible with 13 gas standards and 7 gas types. The three model range includes a standard VenTest 800 analyser for use with all standard ventilators, including adult, neonatal, pediatric and high frequency equipment, as well as anesthesia machines and spirometers. In addition, specially adapted models for the testing of vacuum measurements (VenTest 810) and low flow pressures (VenTest 820) are also available. The VenTest 800 incorporates a simple, intuitive user interface and graphics display for ease of operation during testing and calibration settings. As well as an internal memory, at the push of a button, all measured values can be transferred to PC records by USB, RS-232 and optional Ethernet interfaces. Once saved, optional software is available that provides a wide range of graphical analysis capabilities, including real time flow/pressure curves, functional zoom and certification documentation.

Supplier: Rigel Medical

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