VACUETTE CAT Serum Fast Tube

The VACUETTE CAT Serum Fast Tube is the optimal tube whenever results are needed fast. It enables serum to be analysed as quickly as plasma. The tube is coated with a mixture of Blood Clotting Activator (BCA) and thrombin. Thrombin, as an accelerator, speeds up the coagulation process: coagulation takes just five minutes, followed by centrifugation for five to ten minutes, giving the tube a major time-saving advantage over conventional serum tubes with a usual duration of about 40 minutes. Thanks to this short coagulation time, blood collection is also possible shortly before transport to the laboratory. Furthermore, the added gel forms a stable barrier between the serum and the cellular components of the whole blood after centrifugation. So, another advantage is the better preservation of the sample quality. The five-minute coagulation time rules out post clotting in the laboratory. As a result, preanalytical errors are reduced and accurate values can be used for diagnosis.


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