UVC rapid disinfection system

The RDS-30 Series is an essential rapid disinfection system that eliminates deadly pathogens MRSA, CRE and C. diff in only 30 seconds. The RDS-30 Series is designed for the rapid disinfection of shared tools and electronics in hospitals, private practices, outpatient clinics and other healthcare facilities. It is made to be used daily for disinfecting a wide range of patient care, administrative, diagnostic and entertainment tools; from medical tablets to cell phones, keypads to TV remotes, the RDS-30 Series disinfects all surfaces in less than 30 seconds. The system may be purchased alone or as part of a comprehensive Spectra254 UVC light disinfection system. The RDS-30 Series is compact, powerful and fast and has the ability to disinfect both wired and wireless handheld devices as well as shared tools. The device uses six custom built UVC germicidal bulbs to eradicate pathogens. RDS-30 Series systems are compact enough to be used on a counter top at a nurse’s station or on a mobile cart that is moved from room to room. They feature a 1-click start and reset for easy use. The RDS-30 Series’ultra pure quartz shelf allows UVC wavelength to reach the underside of an object. A visual, audio and a digital display provide information about each decontamination cycle. The system is operated with easy to use controls on the unit itself. Spectra254’s comprehensive decontamination range of products includes the Spectra 1000 Series mobile room sanitizing system and the Spectra 500 medical transport sanitizing system, in addition to the RDS-30 Series. Multiple analyses performed for Spectra254 in independent scientific testing documented that UVC light from Spectra254’s systems is highly effective (greater than 99 percent) in killing MRSA and C. difficile spores on solid surfaces and in disinfecting surfaces over a range of exposure times and distances. A recent study shows the system is 99.9 percent effective at killing an Ebola surrogate on surfaces at a distance of up to 9 meters.

Supplier: Spectra 254

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