Ultrasound system

A slim and powerful ultrasound system, E-CUBE 7 provides excellent image performance, customized features for multiple applications and optimal space management. Embedded with Alpinion’s core imaging technology and high performance transducer set, the E-CUBE 7 delivers the best image quality of this class for an initial clinical examination. Its excellent colour, PW, CW Doppler performances enable clinicians diagnostic confirmation in abdomen, general imaging and cardio-vascular examination. The Volume Master 3D/4D software offers fast and intuitive operation, maximizing diagnostic efficiency in routine ob/gyn examination. The E-CUBE 7’s featured transducer portfolio contains high performance transducers (single crystal convex, wide spectrum linear array, intra-operative transducer) and a wide selection of linear transducers (16mm / 25mm / 40mm / 60mm linear transducers).

Supplier: Alpinion Medical Systems

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