Ultrasound system powered by artificial intelligence

GE Healthcare’s new generation of high-end fully digital radiology ultrasound system, the LOGIQ E10, integrates artificial intelligence technology, cloud connectivity, and advanced algorithms to acquire and reconstruct data faster than ever before. As a result, it enables confident diagnosis with comprehensive tools and concise workflow. 
Artificial intelligence technology is now used in this ultrasound system’s platform – the cSound Architecture. This advanced GPU hardware technology acquires and reconstructs data in a similar way to an MRI or CT system, enabling 48 times the data throughput and 10 times the processing power of previous systems. The cSound Architecture is so powerful that it can process an amount of data equivalent to playing two entire DVDs in just one second, in real-time. The system eliminates the need for focal zones, as the entire image is always in focus throughout the exam.
With hospital systems growing and expanding their geography, many ultrasound exams are now read by a clinician not on site. The new Photo Assistant App enables users to photograph relevant anatomy and include the photos with the clinical images sent to the radiologist, providing valuable context and documentation. Another tool – called remote clinical application – allows radiologists to manipulate the ultrasound’s settings with a remote control on their tablet or smart phone. Clinicians can also analyse how the system is being used with a web-based secure portal or get assistance remotely. Providing a new way for clinicians to connect with their colleagues and patients, Tricefy from Trice Imaging adds cloud-based image sharing, diagnostic collaboration, remote viewing, archiving and Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration. 

Supplier: GE Healthcare Systems

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