Ultrasound probe test system

The new dynamic ultrasound probe test system, ProbeHunter, with new features like validation of image, colour and doppler gives clinicians, biomedical engineers at hospitals and the ultrasound industry a new tool for quality assurance and patient safety. With 256 channels, ProbeHunter tests in real time and is ultra fast. Studies in Scandinavia have confirmed that 35-40% of the ultrasound transducers at a non-tested hospital show defects when tested, even after OEM service, maintenance and systems’own test protocols. The ultrasound probe is the most delicate part of an ultrasound system and is extremely sensitive to shocks, dropping and type of gel or cleanser used. The risk of a fallacious diagnosis is high because the problem is not directly identifiable without a tester. With a next generation test system such as ProbeHunter, it is possible to bring the faulty frequency down to 10% if a hospital frequently tests its ultrasound probes. ProbeHunter is a dynamic test system that validates the performance in real time of ultrasound probes of all brands i.e. Siemens, GE, Philips, Toshiba etc. It is designed for every biomedical department at hospitals as well as for the ultrasound industry. The probe testing device contributes to patient safety by making sure that every ultrasound probe in use is fully functional.

Supplier: BBS Medical Försäljnings AB

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