Ultrasound platform

Offering full versatility and superior image quality with advanced capabilities for high-frequency and contrast media examinations, the new version of ProSound Alpha 7 provides a new dimension in spatial and contrast resolution for early detection of small lesions. Following sound, the time element also becomes key with the new function ‘transit time of vessel flow’. Thanks to easy analysis of time events, the clinician can now even discover peripheral vascular stenoses. The ultrasound platform offers a compact design and ergonomic user interface; it is light and easy to use. In addition, the new electronic simultaneous biplane endocavity transducer, the EUP-CC531S, becomes available with a single probe connector making it compatible with the full HI VISION range including the compact Avius. Using this transducer, prostate biopsy needles can be guided while referencing both the transverse and longitudinal planes. This provides instant feedback on the precise location of the needle tip and improves efficiency and accuracy. Real-time Virtual Sonography (HI-RVS) mode seamlessly integrates data from CT and MR and makes them available in real-time during the ultrasound examination. The maximum amount of information from all imaging modalities is available on one single ultrasound platform to facilitate reliable diagnoses as well as accurate image-guided interventions. For image fusion, HI-RVS offers a number of technological enhancements such as flexible target and navigation markers, loading of multiple sequences and 3-D navigation of the imaging scan plane.

Supplier: Hitachi Medical Systems Europe Holding AG

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