Ultrasound imager

Designed to provide top performance in a small package, the Xario is very mobile to move within the departments, and within the hospital. Xario 100 is covering a wide range of basic applications including Cardiovascular and 3D/4D imaging, with excellent image quality. Xario 200 can be equipped with advanced applications such as the Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) imaging package and the Elastography package. Built on High Density Imaging architecture, Xario incorporates almost all imaging enhancement technologies developed for the Aplio class, such as Precision Imaging, ApliPure+, Advanced Dynamic Flow (ADF), and even Differential Tissue Harmonic Imaging, a Toshiba proprietary wideband technology that provides deep penetration capability and brilliant resolution at the same time. Xario comes with a range of a new type of wide bandwidth transducers, from standard models to specialty probes, to deliver superb image quality. The transducers are very lightweight and easy to handle, with very flexible cables. The Xario comes with a fully customizable console. Xario 200 even offers a touch-command screen to program the system settings and access a wide range of applications and exam types pre-programmed into the system very intuitively and quickly. With Toshiba’s QuickScan technology available on Xario200 and Xario100, the user can optimize the imaging parameters with a single push of a button for all transducers and application protocols at any time during the exam. The Xario can be equipped with dedicated features and options to tailor the system to various clinical specialties. The advanced Dynamic Flow feature enhances colour Doppler imaging and aids the diagnosis of the fetal heart. For cardiovascular applications, the Xario comes with a smart on-board reporting functionality, flexible M-Mode, an optional stress-echo program, and Tissue Enhancement function. The Xario is positioned into the higher-mid range segment, just below the premium-high segment of the Aplio series.

Supplier: Canon Medical Systems Europe

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