Ultrasound devices

Progetti is introducing its first generation high-level ultrasound products, which will be officially launched by June 2015. Based on a revolutionary platform and latest imaging technology, the Progetti ultrasound series elevates the image performance to major brands in the market, satisfying the demand of clinicians and giving them the necessary confidence to make their clinical decision and grow the excellence in patient care, thanks to the innovative imaging capabilities. Progetti’s ultrasound series is engineered to meet today’s most demanding needs, from deep abdominal, vascular to superficial small parts. It is designed to make abdominal, ob/gyn, cardiac, intraoperative vascular and musculoskeletal image quality detection. These are some of the main performances offered in our ultrasound devices series: Adaptive Colour Doppler, Pulse and Continuous Wave Doppler, Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI), Intima-Media Thickness (IMT), Real-time 3D and 4D acquisition, spatial compound imaging, pulse inversion harmonic imaging.

Supplier: Progetti Srl

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