Ultra-premium ultrasound systems

The Aplio i-series features innovative technology, outstanding image quality, intuitive ergonomics and advanced features for high diagnostic confidence and improved patient care. Giving healthcare providers the performance improvements needed to expand the clinical utility of ultrasound to meet the current and future challenges of the healthcare system, Toshiba Medical has introduced the ultra-premium Aplio i-series ultrasound platform. The Aplio i-series’ powerful performance helps increase diagnostic confidence substantially and offers a more cost-effective, less invasive and safe solution in imaging diagnostics and intervention. The Aplio i-series is a new-generation, ultra-high performance, scalable platform. Specifically the Aplio i700 and Aplio i800 are perfectly suited to radiology and shared service departments with a high patient throughput. Both systems are based on iPerformance technologies that deliver extreme processing power allowing sonographers to see more clinical detail faster and easier. A new beamforming technology – iBeam – optimizes imaging efficiency with enhanced penetration, as well as increased spatial and contrast resolution, while minimizing artifacts and clutter. The Aplio i800 offers advanced clinical applications, including Toshiba Medical’s exclusive intelligent Dynamic Micro Slice (iDMS) matrix probe technology. An ultra-high frequency transducer operating at up to 24 MHz opens a new horizon for clinicians to image anatomy and perfusion of superficial structures in the sub-millimeter range. Based on the iSense design concept, the Aplio i-series provides intuitive ergonomics to boost productivity in the daily routine and for complex exams. The systems offer an intuitive user interface, which visually guides the clinician through the exam to simplify system operation, while improving workflow efficiency. To make ultrasound exams easier and faster, the systems feature tablet-style touch screens and real-time Quick Scan, which optimizes the image quality automatically and instantaneously.

Supplier: Canon Medical Systems Europe

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