ulrich medical presents the new CT motion Spicy

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna in March, ulrich medical presented its innovations in CT motion that will speed up radiology workflows. These include a variety of software features as well as supplementary product components. The increased pressure and flow performance enables examinations with high flow rates and high contrast media viscosities.

With the “CDadapt” function, the contrast media density can be adjusted automatically and as required on a percentage basis. This enables a simpler workflow (e.g. for cardiac examinations). Users get a double benefit from this, because the lower consumption also reduces costs. The remainders in the containers are easily recognizable via a light system and can also be read accurately. For high patient throughput, the CT motion Spicy can now be set up with large containers totalling up to two litres of contrast media and up to two litres of saline solution.

Sven Erdmann, Vice President of Technology and Regulation at ulrich medical, explained: “We managed to implement the innovations within a short space of time at our Ulm location and equip our CT motion Spicy with them. Users particularly like the “CDadapt” function, as it allows for quick and easy adjustment of contrast media density.”

Other new features of the contrast media injector include digital interfaces and automated injection protocols. This means
that automatic recognition of data from the media label and subsequent transfer of the parameters to the PACS using a barcode reader is now possible. This simplifies and speeds up the documentation of the examination.

With the XD 8151 pump tubing, which is also new, setting up the CT motion Spicy becomes more convenient as two steps are saved during insertion.

For more information, visit: https://www.ulrichmedical.de/en/
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