Ugraded DR tablet

A host of new features will now be integrated into ArtPix Mobile EZ2GO tablets. The tablet completes a revolutionary imaging system. Its new capabilities will facilitate day-to-day workflow and efficiency, as well as open the door to new users thanks to its multi-lingual option. The innovative ArtPix Mobile EZ2GO V.3.01 embodies a new standard in the radiography market. These decisive improvements in imaging sub-system technology, optimize technician productivity whilst ensuring the highest quality digital images generated at a low dose. Some of the key upgrade features include a swap option between 3 Pixium Portable EZ Thales detectors (3543EZ, 2430EZ and 3543EZh); unlimited multi-lingual capability; exposure index to evaluate dose levels; reject image analysis to prove dose management. This new version is CE marked and FDA cleared.

Supplier: THALES Electron Devices

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