Thrombolytic Science granted US patent for novel, nature-inspired clot-dissolving therapy

Thrombolytic Science (TSI) has been granted a new patent by the USPTO for an invention that relates to methods for a safe and effective clot dissolution that mimics the natural biological system. Most strokes and all heart attacks are caused by a blood clot blocking essential blood flow to a portion of the brain or heart. Since neither organ can long survive without blood flow, reperfusion must be as rapid as possible. Biological dissolution of the clot, or thrombolysis, remains the fastest and simplest way to re-establish blood flow.

“The natural human system of fibrinolysis uses a sequence of 2 enzymes, called “activators”, first, tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and then prourokinase plasminogen activator (prouPA)” said Prof. Victor Gurewich, MD, co-founder and Scientific Director of TSI. “Following the natural system, TSI’s sequential administration of a bolus of tPA followed by an IV infusion of a mutant prouPA enables a safer fibrinolytic effect than the administration of either activator alone, as the activators are synergistic, allowing for the use of smaller, safer doses of each while retaining efficacy”.

TSI clinical development includes an on-going Phase II, multicenter, clinical trial in ischemic stroke patients comparing TSI’s therapeutic solution to the standard of care, and lead by leaders in neurology at Erasmus MC, in Rotterdam, NL. A Phase I clinical trial was completed successfully in 2017 at the Center for Human Drug Research, Leiden, in the Netherlands.