Three-lumen CVC with continuous blood glucose and lactate monitoring

Every year, millions of CVCs are used by clinicians to deliver medications and fluids to patients in surgical and intensive care (ICU) settings. Major risks seen among ICU patients include hyperglycaemia, hypoglycaemia and glycaemic variability, and the lack of glycaemic control has been independently shown to be associated with morbidity and mortality. To monitor glucose levels, ICU patients are therefore typically subjected to frequent glucose controls, commonly by use of manual and labourintensive blood draws and off-line analysis. The Eirus TLC is now available, a 7 French, 16 cm triple lumen CVC which provides vascular access and the ability to provide simple, continuous and accurate glucose monitoring. It can be used as a standalone CVC but is also approved for use with the Eirus system for second-by-second analysis of central venous blood glucose and lactate. The catheter has an integrated semi-permeable membrane, proximal to the infusion ports, which continuously collects and analyses plasma glucose and lactate. The system does not pull any blood from the patient, it does not require any heparin nor does it require a separate additional line into the patient.

Supplier: Dipylon Medical AB

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