Terminals for diverse hospital applications

Advantech, a provider of medical computing systems and services, has launched its HIT-W183 and HIT-W153 healthcare infotainment terminals specifically designed for a wide range of hospital applications. Featuring an Intel® N4200 processor, dual operating systems (Windows 10 IoT and Android 6.0.1), and an 18.5”/15.6” 16:9 widescreen display with projected capacitive (PCAP) 10-point touch control, HIT-W183/W153 offers healthcare providers a cost-effective and highly flexible medical computing device. In addition to a 5MP camera, HIT-W183/W153 is equipped with rear-access I/O that includes USB 2.0, USB 3.0, RJ12, RJ45, optional power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support (HIT- W153 only), and dual isolated Ethernet ports that enable separate Internet (patient use) and intranet (caregiver use) traffic for superior connectivity and data security. The IP65-rated true-flat front panel protects against water and dust ingress and can be cleaned easily to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and infection control.
For nurse call applications, HIT-W183/W153 features an integrated nurse call button with LED indicator and a handset equipped with two microphones and noise cancellation technology to guarantee optimal responsiveness and superior patient care. Compliant with EN 60601-1 and IEC 62368 medical and ITE certification standards, the HIT-W183/W153’s ultra-slim (43 mm) design allows it to be easily mounted on walls, counter tops, mobile carts, and bedside swing arms to serve as medical equipment control panels, nurse station terminals, pharmacy information systems, medical cart devices, and patient infotainment terminals. Moreover, to expand the functionalities according to specific usage needs, HIT-W183/W153 terminals can be integrated with a smart card reader, RFID/NFC reader, and optional barcode scanner and TV tuner modules. HIT-W183/W153 is built with an integrated handset that features two microphones and noise cancellation technology to eliminate environmental noise and provide optimal sound quality during nursing assistance calls. Advantech’s HIT-W183/W153 terminals are equipped with a red emergency call button and LED indicator that can be integrated with a hospital’s existing nurse call system to allow patients to request assistance or alert staff of any emergencies. The red emergency call button uses a separate power supply from that of the HIT system. This allows the red emergency call button to remain functional even when the terminal is powered off. Additionally, considering patients and staff usage requirements, the HIT-W183/W153’s front-facing function buttons are built-in at a 60° angle for accessibility and easy operation. HIT-W183/W153 can be installed in bedhead units or mounted on bedside swing arms to function as bedhead terminals or patient infotainment devices, respectively. Healthcare staff can use the terminals to access medical records and hospital information systems, retrieve laboratory results, monitor patient vital signs, and document treatment observations. Meanwhile, patients can use the terminals to watch movies/TV, make phone calls, play games, surf the Internet, send emails, request nurse assistance, and manage the ward environment, such as adjust the bed height, lighting, and curtains. These infotainment terminals provide a single solution that enables efficient provision of digital entertainment and clinical services at the point-of-care for improved service quality.

Supplier: Advantech Europe BV

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