Syringe validator to check volume of volumetric syringes

The Hans Rudolph Series 1180 Syringe Validator is a precision volume measuring device that checks the volume of volumetric syringes. It comes in three sizes, (7000 ml, 3000 ml and 1000 ml) so as to accommodate a wide range of volumetric syringes. A volume test typically consists of performing three strokes of the test syringe with the volume of each stroke being measured by the Syringe Validator. The average volume of the three test strokes is then compared to the nominal value for the syringe setting. Tests can be defined based on the syringe being tested. The data will be saved to a data file so that it can be recalled and viewed, if needed. In addition to the volume test, a leak test can also be performed on the syringe being tested. The leak test will check the syringe for significant leaks and the data will be included in the data file as well.

Supplier: Hans Rudolph Inc

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