Swiss Clinic MV Santé Accurately Tracks Patients with RAIN RFID Wristband Solution from SATO and Solid

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November 2022

Global market leader in next-generation auto-ID and labelling solutions, SATO has partnered with Swiss-based identification technology pioneers, Solid Solutions en Identification SA (‘Solid’), to enable MV Santé to monitor patients in its wards using SATO’s RAIN RFID wristband.

The SATO RAIN RFID wristband, which helps reduce risk of infection while providing real-time data on a patient’s location in a hospital ward, is configured to work seamlessly with the SATO CT4-LX printer and its UHF RFID module.

Solid engineers installed the solution at two of MV Santé’s clinics in Lausanne, Switzerland, alongside RFID antenna and readers placed optimally to offer robust performance at sufficient read distances. The integrated solution enables automatic and accurate identification when patients are moving from one area to another. Thanks to RFID, healthcare staff can capture a patient’s information even when the wristband isn’t visible or is covered by a blanket.

“Solid required a perfect blend between high UHF RFID performance and a material complying with the antimicrobial and softness standards expected in hospitals,” commented Kevin Allart, Head of Healthcare Overseas Business at SATO. “The excellent performance of our solution enables patients to be tracked and monitored easily, leading to increased accuracy and better internal resource allocation at end-user locations, as well as cost reduction.”

The wristbands, which feature a UHF inlay to offer optimal read rates, can be printed and encoded on demand with the patient’s data by simply scanning a QR code on admission using the SATO printer’s unique AEP1 feature. In addition, they are soft to the touch, with an antimicrobial coating and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

“After trying several patient wristbands on the market, the SATO solution was far superior,” said Yves Alimi, CEO of Solid. “Ticking all the boxes, the SATO UHF RFID Wristband coupled with the CT4-LX printer with a UHF RFID module for printing and encoding was the most flexible, accurate and best choice for our customer. The wristband’s ability to resist soap and disinfectant, and the fact that it was comfortable and hypoallergenic were in our top priorities.

“With SATO’s technology, our customer could save time, monitor its patients, optimise its operating slots, enhance patient comfort and meet statutory healthcare regulations with ease,” concluded Yves. “We are now looking to expand our patient tracking solution by rolling it out to other Swiss-based customers. Thank you to SATO and its next-generation technology for delivering a solution that rightfully focuses on patients’ needs, quality of life and comfort.”

Solid has been a SATO partner since 2018. As a specialist in consulting, software and hardware projects, Solid supports its clients throughout their digital transformation using traceability technologies, which includes RFID (UHF HF/NFC), 1D/2D barcodes, Blockchain and Bluetooth. Due to their experience and knowledge of the luxury, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Solid offers innovative software solutions that are adapted to the needs of its clients.

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