Surgical monitors

Sony has launched the industry’s first medical monitors that combine 4K and 3D imaging technologies, delivering high brightness, enhanced resolution and increased depth of field for a range of medical applications. The new surgical monitors, LMD-X550MT (55′) and LMD-X310MT (31′) are designed to be used with 4K or 3D endoscopes and surgical microscopes in operating rooms. They are also suitable for training and education purposes. Recognizing that there is a demand for 4K and next generation 3D endoscopes, the company has produced equipment that reflects these needs. As such, both of the monitors display 2D and 3D content in stunning 4K or HD resolution. The new 4K 3D monitors have a slim chassis and thin bezel, and also offer many of the features and technology that are featured in Sony’s award-winning medical monitor lineup. The use of 4K offers users image quality that is much more defined than high-definition images, and the use of 3D visualization is key to providing surgeons with improved accuracy, helping them to reduce procedure times while delivering realistic depth perception.

Supplier: Sony Europe Ltd

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