Surgical displays

The new 31" and 55" 4K UHD displays and a 26" high-brightness, full-HD display complete Barco’s latest surgical display product line. By expanding its range of 4K, high-brightness and high-resolution displays, the company aims to offer a premium imaging experience in the OR. Enriched with brand-new features for surgical applications, all three surgical displays offer state-of-the-art image quality, wide colour gamut and visual accuracy. Both new 4K displays (MDSC-8231, MDSC-8255) now allow image mirroring and rotation to present images per the surgeon’s perspective. Screen cloning on DVI out is also possible, with resolution downscaled from 4K to FHD for easy recording.
The MDSC-8231 is the second generation of Barco’s near-patient 31" 4K surgical display, which now comes in a slimmer and lighter design while maintaining its high-quality image capabilities. Designed for 4K endoscopy imaging and the digital operating room, it offers highly realistic images. It is a high-brightness display capable of resolutions 4x greater than HD, presenting surgeons with rich detail and colour-correct images with excellent depth perception while enabling them to operate with confidence with MDSC-8231’s automated failover feature with backup signal.
The 55" 4K MDSC-8255 is perfect for multi-imaging within the OR and can be integrated on or into walls. It can display the equivalent of the information shown on four 27" full HD monitors on a single screen. It is the large size, medical-grade referral display for showing 4K endoscopy camera output or a multi-source image composition to improve workflow during procedures.
Barco’s 26" Full HD MDSC-2326 display boasts the brightness and superior imaging needed for near-patient applications in conditions with high ambient light. Delivering up to 900 cd/m2 luminance, it is also extremely durable, featuring guaranteed lifetime protection with easy-to-clean, high quality, scratch-resistant optical glass. The display combines full connectivity with a smart cable management system to minimize clutter, and is easily mounted on surgical booms and spring arms.

Supplier: Barco N.V.

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