Suction device

The VENTURI TM2 ejector is used to create, adjust and measure suction from a source of pressured gas on the wall or from a cylinder (oxygen or medical air). It enables to suck in liquids and mucus if no vacuum pipeline network is available. This new version provides high-level performance with a powerful suction flowrate (40 l/min at 800 mbar) and a limited gas consumption (1.5 l of gas per litre sucked only). With a modern and ergonomic new design, the range has also been extended with a possible digital vacuum gauge and a new 0-760 mmHg version. The VENTURI TM2 has been fitted with a patented 3 in 1 system allowing suction with a safety jar or, in case of emergency only, by means of its integrated outlet tubing nipple, with or without antibacterial filter. This device is also available with a 150 ml or 500 ml safety jar with antibacterial paper filter and with a 1/2G outlet tubing nipple. Many different standards are available according to various markets.

Supplier: Technologie Medicale

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