Structural heart analysis soft ware

3mensio Structural Heart is dedicated to the planning of structural heart interventions. This new release contains an optimized Mitral workflow and a new Septal Crossing workflow for the planning of mitral valve procedures to determine the appropriate access route based on CT images. More insight in the size and shape of the mitral valve is vital for pre-procedural planning of mitral valve replacement and repair procedures. The Mitral workflow provides advanced visualization and sizing of the mitral annulus and its surrounding structures like the aortic valve and coronary arteries. Also the possible impact of placing a valve on the left ventricular outflow track (LVOT) clearance can be simulated. The Septal Crossing workflow enables visualization of cardiac structures in a simulated angioview that allows anatomic relations between the interatrial septum, LAA ostium, mitral annulus and vena cava to be easily determined.

Supplier: Pie Medical Imaging Bv

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