Sony launches new 4K HDR medical monitorsystem

Sony has introduced the LMD-X3200MD 32-inch medical grade LCD monitor with 4K HDR colour imaging. Its sleek design is optimized for hospital operating rooms, surgical centres and clinics.
It is designed to minimize reflected glare in brightly lit ORs, and the panel structure achieves clear, high-contrast images by controlling reflection and minimizing light dispersion in the LCD panel. This allows application of the monitor under various lighting conditions and avoids the need for ongoing adjustment of the monitor in the OR to remove potentially distracting reflections from surgical lights.
The LMD-X3200MD LCD panel and signal processing technology provide a wide colour gamut that complies with the ITU-R Recommendation BT.2020. Offering a wider colour gamut than the BT.709, colour reproduction is significantly improved with realistic visualisation. HDR technology also allows images to be produced with a wider range of brightness level, greater contrast, and rich colours. When receiving HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) signals from an HLG-compatible imaging system, users can simply select HLG in monitor gamma setting mode to display HDR images.
“We understand the critical importance in providing a surgeon with the highest quality image that enables greater depiction of finer anatomical structures through a simplified application,” explained Claire Bregeon, Product Marketing Manager for Healthcare at Sony Professional Solutions Europe. ‘‘With 4K resolution combined with HDR, you can see more detail in a dark body cavity and in bright areas with light reflections on membrane surfaces. If the surgeon sees better – they can perform better.”
The LMD-X3200MD also benefits from Sony’s unique A.I.M.E. (Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer) that allows you to adjust the view to enhance structure and colour for more comfortable viewing. This technology has been recently improved with new features including shadow enhancement and noise reduction. Parameters can also be set directly via the button on the front panel.
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