Sony Europe Ltd. acquires eSATURNUS NV

Sony Europe Ltd. (‘Sony’) recently announced the acquisition of
eSATURNUS NV (‘eSATURNUS’), a Belgium-based company that provides leading clinical Video over IP solutions in the medical field. Sony expects this acquisition to help further materialize Sony’s vision and strategy of providing new services and end-to-end clinical image workflow solutions for hospitals. eSATURNUS’s deep know-how of hospital operating room workflows, as well as IP-based video integration software, enables processing, control and distribution of multiple image sources combined with medical information. Coupled with Sony’s leading imaging and AV/IT technologies in this field, the combined company expects to further develop a wide variety of smart clinical Video over IP solutions for inside and outside operating rooms.
Sony’s acquisition of eSATURNUS includes all of eSATURNUS’s assets, covering intellectual property rights, as well as its technologies and software solution capabilities. Sony intends to expand the business first in Europe, with further international deployment to follow in the future.
Adam Fry, Vice President, Sony Professional, Sony Europe, commented, ‘Over the past few years, we’ve seen the requirements within hospitals significantly change. There is a constant need to maximize the investment hospitals make in clinical equipment but with the advent of new technology and workflow solutions, it has never been more important to them to be able to invest in future proofed’ installations, with a holistic and long-range view. This means hospitals are looking for end-to-end and state-of-the-art workflows that perform efficiently but that can also evolve over time. Together with eSATURNUS, Sony will aim to further develop smart, scalable and leading-edge clinical Video over IP workflow solutions in digitally-integrated operating room systems.’
Thomas Koninckx, CEO & Co-Founder, eSATURNUS NV, added, ‘The integration of eSATURNUS within Sony will make us part of an incredible organization, and provide access to Sony’s leading technology platform. The aligned vision of eSATURNUS and Sony means that existing and prospective customers can expect even faster technological evolution in the future, and excellent global service. We are pleased to be able to deliver new smart solutions in digitally integrated operating rooms.