Sometech?s laparoscopy system

Dr Camscope 3D laparoscopy system offers a stereoscopic image thanks to its visual depth perception function. Through this realistic 3D image, the surgeon is able to control surgical tools precisely so that operation time can be reduced. Many surgeons and doctors rely on the quality of the image while performing MIS (Minimally invasive surgery). Because they depend solely on the monitor which they view while using the laparoscopy system, it is crucial that they see exactly inside the body of the patient without exclusion of any details. When it comes to image quality, Sometech’s 3D laparoscopy system delivers a crisp FULL HD 1080P 3D visualization like no other. Other systems may use HD or 1080I which is not as good. Sometech’s laparoscope uses a camera equipped with two units of 3 chip CCD that not only express vivid and rich colours but also provide a clear and correct image. The equipment features touch screen buttons that are intuitive and convenient for users. A compact recorder makes it possible to record a full HD 3D surgery for training and quality assurance purposes. The user can save up to 50 hours of full HD 3D surgery. Still image capturing is also available.

Supplier: Sometech Inc.

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