Single use videoscopes

The Ambu aScope 3 line is the innovative alternative to conventional scopes for airway endoscopy. They are instantly accessible, sterile straight from the pack and they require no further handling and reprocessing. They suit a wide range of endoscopic procedures: from intubation and bedside bronchoscopy procedures to training of intubation and bronchoscopy skills. aScope 3 has a 5.0 mm insertion cord diameter and a channel width of 2.2 mm while aScope 3 Slim has a 3.8 mm insertion cord diameter and a channel width of 1.2 mm. They are compatible with the aView reusable monitor, a portable touch-screen monitor with a user friendly interface. Thanks to an intuitive navigation and a high resolution image quality, the anatomical landmarks are easily identified. aView allows taking pictures and videos and saving them for later reference. With the USB interface, data can be easily transferred.

Supplier: Ambu A/S

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