Singapore robotics innovator OTSAW showcases Camello+ multipurpose robot at Arab Health

Marking a pivotal point in a nine-year journey of innovation, OTSAW, a leader in Singapore’s robotics landscape, introduces Camello+, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) poised to revolutionize various industries, including healthcare.

Driven by a commitment to real-world problem-solving, OTSAW’s Camello+ breaks away from traditional robotics models. This multi-purpose robot, a culmination of years of robotics expertise, features interchangeable modular attachments, enabling simultaneous service across healthcare, logistics, and security sectors.

“We brought together all our robotics expertise to create Camello+, our first ever multi-purpose robot that can serve multiple industries. It’s been a journey, we needed to learn from making different robots for different purposes before creating a multi-use one,” said Ling Ting Ming, CEO and Founder of OTSAW. “Using robots, OTSAW has been stepping up to fill the gaps in industries that are facing manpower shortages. The healthcare industry in particular requires a lot of support.,” said Ling. “This year, our robots will disrupt the global healthcare sector and we are confident that our new multi-purpose robot can fill the shortage of manpower and augment hospital intra-logistics confidently.”

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