Shanghai CMD Medical’s new suction/irrigation device redefines ear endoscopy with innovative design

Shanghai CMD Medical has introduced the SFD, a suction/irrigation attachment device, which revolutionizes ear endo­scopy surgery with its patented design. This breakthrough innovation combines suction and irrigation functionalities within the ear endoscope. By reducing the need for a separate device to perform such procedures, surgeons are now able to perform most surgeries without assistance, enhancing procedural efficiency.

Directly attaching the SFD on the ear endoscope minimizes the cross-section in the ear canal and allows the integration of additional devices during procedures without compromising quality and precision. Additionally, it provides the endoscope an extra layer of protection during operations.

SFD’s intuitive design features an ergonomic lever and sliding dampers, ensuring ease of use. Offering two tip designs – open end and round end with side hole – provides surgeons with the flexibility to adapt based on their operational needs. Customizable tube lengths also provide versatility for diverse procedural needs. The SFD is EO sterile and ready for immediate use.

Shanghai CMD Medical is dedicated to advancing medical technologies and improving patient care. The SFD marks a significant improvement in precision and efficiency for ear endoscopy.

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