Saving lives, a refrigerator at a time

Andrea is a Dutch doctor who worked in maternity ward of the Mulago hospital in Kampala, Uganda with about 1500 beds. She is dedicated to improving the healthcare in the neonatal field and helps deliver healthy babies. She told us that she was frustrated, that oxytocin was not readily available to stop post-partum bleeding. The drug was present in the hospital, but it could not be used as it had lost its potency due to lack of reliable cooling. In Mulago, power outages were so severe that refrigerators do not work anymore. Due to the lack of cooling of oxytocin, several mothers died unnecessarily on a weekly basis. Working under these conditions is not why she had become a tropical doctor in the first place. Lack of reliable cooling in the medical field leads to huge losses of insulin, red blood cells, vaccines and lab-reagents.
Coolfinity believes that long power outages and weak power grids should not limit life and opportunities in tropical countries. Cooling is the basic need that is really hampered by ineffective power supply in more than 70 countries in the world. Reliable and sustainable cooling is the catalyst for people in upcoming markets to give their quality of life a boost.
Therefore, Coolfinity has developed a refrigerator, the IceVolt 300, that only needs 6 hours of power to stay cool for 24 hours to preserve the medication in the cold chain. The refrigerator is specifically designed to maintain a stable 5 degrees Celsius cooling, in line with the WHO requirements. The refrigerator works very effectively under harsh tropical conditions (35 degrees Celsius). And if the cooler is unplugged, it will even run for 2 days without power. Because of Coolfinity’s technology, the need for a back-up power generator is even eliminated.
With this unique and innovative refrigerator Coolfinity will save costly medication and precious lives worldwide, where it is needed most.

Supplier: Coolfinity

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