Rotational angiography software

The new syngo DynaCT 360 software speeds up rotational angiography. This software appl icat ion provides an angiography system that can rotate 360 degrees in six seconds to provide CT-like slice images with a field of view of 35 x 25 cm. Up till now the C-arm has taken 16 seconds to achieve such extensive soft tissue coverage, as is necessary for abdominal interventions. With a larger field of view the volume of a patient’s anatomy recorded during a rotation now measures 35 x 25 cm. In addition, the new application can record the field of view roughly twice as fast as before, thus reducing motion artefacts on the images. Thanks to the shorter recording time, patients do not need to hold their breath for as long. Additionally the examination requires less contrast agent and patients are exposed to less radiation. This software advances the technology that creates CT-like slice images from approximately 400 images made during a rotational angiography, and displays them on screen in the angiography suite while the intervention is still in progress. Physicians can now arrive at a precise diagnosis without needing to transfer the patient to the CT suite, especially in the case of unexpected complications during the intervention.

Supplier: Siemens Healthineers

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