Roche introduces cobas infinity edge cloud-based platform for point of care data

Roche has introduced cobas infinity edge, a secure and encrypted cloud-based platform for the integration and management of point of care data, available for use in clinical settings globally.

Although the use if digital technologies is now widespread in healthcare, not all healthcare organisations are fully equipped to make quick data-driven decisions due to lack of data integration, multiple incompatible IT systems, and other information silos.

The cobas infinity edge platform supports healthcare professionals in overcoming these challenges by bringing together multiple capabilities in one digital health ecosystem. Using applications, it facilitates professionals’ ability to view and manage patient test results compliantly, while allowing the integration of this data into patients’ electronic medical records (EMRs). It allows deploying new applications in a point of care device, such as the cobas pulse glucose meter, and connecting patient health information from this device in an easy, timely, secure way to various IT systems.

The platform also allows health professionals to access a marketplace of medically relevant applications to drive adoption of digital tools that improve patient care, by leveraging Roche’s network of third-party developers. Bringing all of these capabilities together, it breaks down information silos, ultimately driving improved patient care and operational efficiency within and across point of care clinical settings and hospital departments.

“Roche is pioneering digital innovations to solve operational and clinical challenges in healthcare,” says Thomas Schinecker, CEO Roche Diagnostics. “With cobas infinity edge, we are introducing the infrastructure for a digital ecosystem in point of care. We have combined our ability to connect health data safely, securely and compliantly plus our deep healthcare expertise with a unique marketplace, where professionals can use Roche or third-party digital health solutions. We can accelerate digital adoption in healthcare and deliver access to health information anytime, anywhere, for improving patient care.”

The cobas infinity edge solution suite is compliant with ISO27001, the international standard for information security for cloud-based products and compliant with GDPR and HIPAA data privacy regulations.

Following first commercial availability in select markets, Roche Diagnostics plans to offer the new digital platform in other markets globally throughout 2022 and 2023.