Robotic laparoscopic instrument

Minimally invasive surgery offers many benefits for the patient but also creates new challenges for surgeons, who no longer have direct visual access to the organs, and the use of long instruments through small incisions increases complexity. Robotics technology is increasingly used in endoscopy, allowing surgeons to perform certain movements, which are not possible with conventional laparoscopic instrumentation, thanks to additional degrees of freedom at the instrument tip. After studying the needs of surgeons in terms of laparoscopic instrumentation, three characteristics appeared necessary: an instrument shaft diameter of 5 mm, bending of the instrument’s distal end and unlimited axial rotation of its effector end. The JAiMY motorised articulating robotic laparoscopic instrument passes through a 5mm cannula, enabling surgeons to overcome the unique challenges presented by laparoscopic suturing. It provides intelligent dexterity with seven degrees of freedom for easier access, increased triangulation and improved ergonomics even in the most challenging cases. Reusable and sterilisable for improved economics and cost containment, the instrument will facilitate a wide variety of surgical procedures in different clinical specialties, including urology, bariatric surgery, general surgery, gynaecology and cardiothoracic surgery.

Supplier: EndoControl

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