REKA Health System – Empowering Care

The new REKA Health System consists of ECG acquisition hardware, the E100 device, a PC or mobile OS app, and a cloud-based application platform (‘REKA Health Cloud’). It is able to facilitate remote monitoring of patient’s heart rhythms, by acquiring a 30-second record of the patient’s ECG at the patient’s discretion, after which the ECG record is uploaded to the REKA Health cloud using a PC or mobile application.

These records can be instantly reviewed and diagnosed remotely by the patient’s doctor, after which a response can be sent back to the patient via email or text message.

REKA Health’s technology offers several vertically integrated advantages for error elimination which is a key factor in remote patient monitoring. The E100 is a mobile pocket size ECG event recorder, designed to eliminate patient usage errors, and enables the reach to a larger user base. It works with laptops, PCs, and smart phones such as BlackBerry, Android and iPhone.

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