Redesigned premium ultrasound platform

To sharply focus on the specialized requirements in echocardiography, Toshiba engineers have built the new Aplio i900CV with a total redesign of hardware and software. The new Aplio i-series is a premium addition to the award-winning Aplio 500 platform, which is used in over 31,000 clinical settings to date. The system works very fast with a reduced requirement for user interaction, which translates into a significant time saving for the echocardiography lab.
The Aplio i-series features an architecture that gives it on-board capabilities for ultra-fast processing of advance applications, and with a new range of high frequency and ultra-wideband transducers. New with the Aplio i900CV is a 3-D transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) transducer that brings the possibility to view aortic leaflets, or to measure mitral valve parameters where it is possible not only to see the opening, but even also the stitches where the valve has been repaired. Yet, thanks to the new ultra-wideband transducers, a TEE exam is not always required. With the wider coverage and the extremely good penetration up to 28 centimetres, it is possible to evaluate the aortic valve area with a transthoracic approach. Clinicians are able to see distinctly four-chamber views, and have found excellent resolution in subcostal
views. Using a hybrid format in one display makes it possible to see calcified segments of coronary arteries derived from CT along with a quantification of the stenosis thanks to 3-D strain imaging, and at the same time a superimposition to the myocardium derived by CT. Using an innovative tool called Activation Imaging, it is possible to add measurements to determine torsion, an important parameter for a variety of diseases, or see areas where there is delayed contraction. Rest and stress, related to a specific coronary artery, can be seen as a superimposition on a CT image, enabling clinicians to make a decision as to intervention. At the heart of an enhanced image quality is the iBeam technology. Electrical dynamic focus with individual matrix element control and multiplexing with ultra-fast processing narrows and sharpens the signal for real-time 3-D beam forming. Advanced features include Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging (SMI) that combines the new transducers for more brilliant images with reduced motion artefacts, allowing extensive perfusion examination capabilities across all regions of human anatomy; Quad Fusion capability for interventional procedures or advanced diagnostics, with a simultaneous combination of CT/MRI images with real-time ultrasound and 3-D ultrasound rendering of a live procedure; super precise 3-D imaging boosted by Aplio i-series iBeam and thin slice acquisition to render near-photo quality images of anatomical structures.

Supplier: Canon Medical Systems Europe

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