Real-time dosimeter

Unfors RaySafe, a Fluke Biomedical company, introduced the RaySafe i3 to its suite of real-time dosimetry products at this year’s European Society of Radiology congress in Vienna. The RaySafe Real-Time Dosimetry solution, introduced in 2012, helps physicians and clinical staff visualize X-ray exposure in real time using easy-to-read bar graphs displayed on a monitor. The instant feedback empowers medical staff to adapt their behaviour around radiation, to help minimize unnecessary exposure. The RaySafe i3 is designed to improve wearability, prolong life cycle and increase measurement accuracy. The RaySafe i3 can be used in low dose procedures and in hybrid OR environments. The device helps keep the medical staff in-the-know, at all times, about the level of radiation exposure, for themselves and their colleagues, in real-time. The decision to implement the RaySafe i3 shows a commitment and dedication by a department to keep their staff safe from excessive radiation exposure.

Supplier: Fluke Biomedical

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