Radiography system for smaller hospitals

A new radiography system, Multix Fusion enables small and medium-size hospitals to deploy proven high-end technology without overtaxing investment budgets. The system supports the full spectrum of clinical applications, but is much more affordable than comparable predecessor models. It features components that until now were offered only in the upper price segments, such as the heightadjustable, 300 kilogram capacity examination table. Thanks to its high reliability and attractive service contracts, the system’s operating costs are also comparatively low. The system’s key components, such as the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube and Bucky wall stand, were adopted from Siemens’high-end Ysio system to provide a system that is most suitable for small to medium-size hospitals and private practices that don’t want to compromise on quality, but require a very good price-performance ratio. The system needs less than 20 square meters of installation space. Thanks to a special service contract that is configured for individual customer requirements, operating costs are further reduced. The system’s X-ray tube synchronises itself automatically when the detector is adjusted, enabling examinations to be performed quickly and simply. A 1.8 meter long telescopic column allows the tube to be pulled down directly above the floor even in high-ceilinged rooms, so that patients no longer have to climb onto a stool or pedestal for foot images, for example. The ergonomic, height-adjustable examination table makes it easier to position patients. Post-processing functions, such as DiamondView Plus, boost image contrast, resulting in very good image quality. In addition customers can choose among several system variants, depending on their requirements. Options range from the simplest version with ceiling-mounted tube and mobile detector, to the complete X-ray system, including table and Bucky wall stand.

Supplier: Siemens Healthineers

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