Prone breast biopsy guidance system

The Affirm prone biopsy system is the first dedicated prone biopsy system capable of both stereotactic and tomosynthesis-guided breast biopsies. The Affirm prone biopsy system is CE marked and pending 510k clearance in the U.S. The new system complements Hologic’s Selenia Dimensions mammography system and Affirm upright biopsy system to ensure that facilities have all the options necessary to provide minimally invasive breast biopsy to their patients. The Affirm prone system provides enhanced biopsy performance over existing prone systems with exceptional biopsy imaging capabilities using the same detector technology as the Hologic tomosynthesis mammography system; a streamlined workflow designed to make the system fast and easy to use; access to challenging lesion locations with a fully integrated C-arm. The C-arm allows a full 360° access to the breast with both standard and lateral needle approaches—without requiring additional accessory attachments.

Supplier: HOLOGIC NV

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