ProbeHunter Team announces program with Cephasonics to develop probe adapters for the Cephasonics ultrasound platform

Ultrasound probe adapters, all brands, will now be available to the research platform Cephasonics. BBS Medical AB from Sweden is to develop and market specialized ultrasound probe/transducer adapters that allow users of Cephasonics systems to connect a variety of different probes from other companies to the Cephasonics system. As part of the relationship BBS Medical in Sweden/ProbeHunter Team will develop and market the adapters both directly as well as through Cephasonics. 

Björn Segall, BBS Medical AB/ProbeHunter CEO, comments: “We are proud to announce that one of the leading programmable platforms within ultrasound research, Cephasonics, enter in to a co-operation with us at BBS Medical AB from Sweden as a developer of adapters to their system. This collaboration enables all universities and OEM’s to quickly get support with adapters for their ultrasound research and development platforms. Five years ago we released ProbeHunter, the real time test system, to verify the performance of ultrasound probes all brands. To the ProbeHunter system there are today approximately 50 different adapters to test all leading brands; GE, Philips, Siemens, Samsung, Toshiba/Canon, etc. The new adapters to Cephasonics will support probes initially from Ultrasonix and overtime a growing number of probes from other major ultrasound companies to be directly connected to the Cephasonics system.

According to Randy Whiting, chief operating officer COO of Cephasonics, “this product will provide our users and developers a much greater array of ultrasound probes that can be used in research and development with the Cephasonics ultrasound engine. We’re very excited to work with BBS Medical and the ProbeHunter team to expand the ability of our platform to work with popular ultrasound probes.”