Premium ultrasound systems with workflow innovations

Ultrasound is a user-intensive modality, which means that simplifying the way a clinician interacts with the system will greatly improve the overall user experience. This was the focus behind Siemens Healthineers’ newly designed family of ultrasound systems, the Acuson S Family, HELX Evolution with Touch Control. Targeting the premium market segment, each of the three systems in the Acuson S Family features innovative technologies that improve system operation and reduce user errors during examinations. Healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics and private practices can upgrade or update their systems at any time providing investment protection for their existing systems. Following intensive user research conducted by Siemens Corporate Research across four key regions and over 170 usability sessions, HELX Evolution with Touch Control was designed for easy usability. A completely reworked user interface simplifies operation with 44percent fewer software keys, 33percent fewer tactile keys and 22percent fewer homebase controls. The control panel features an intuitive touch display that helps eliminate unnecessary workflow steps. The systems feature new imaging optimization technologies to enhance image quality with challenging patients and for abdominal, breast, vascular and musculoskeletal exams. Shear wave elastography technologies are improved to provide more information in a single image for the quantitative or qualitative characterization of tissue. Multi-modality imaging, where real-time ultrasound is superimposed onto 3D CT or MRI volumes, is complemented with newly enhanced workflow tools to make it more relevant and more practical to use in the clinical routine. The Acuson S Family offers solutions to meet a large variety of user needs. The Acuson S3000 ultrasound system is designed for multi-modality imaging in general imaging and interventional radiology. The Acuson S2000 is an all-purpose ultrasound system for general imaging and includes special functions for women’s health. For cardiology and vascular imaging needs, the Acuson S1000 ultrasound system delivers great value.

Supplier: Siemens Healthineers

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